Our Story

Jaxs Millie's Organics Founder
Meet our founder Jaxs

Hi, I’m Jaxs creator and founder of Millie’s Organics. From day one, this has been a complete labour of love and started from a place where I needed to heel after suffering from severe post-natal depression in 2019 after my beautiful daughter Millie was born.

One of my biggest challenges was sleep, not only because I had a baby but also because the crippling anxiety and changes to my body and routine meant I was unable just to rest.

In 2020, mid-COVID covid, I launched my first range of products specially formulated by me to help with sleep using organic ingredients and essential oil blends that supported your bodies need to unwind and rest. The biggest mission for me was to create products that feel special and can be used daily with complete ease. Because often when we need seek these kinds of products we are often already exhausted.

As person whos love language is gifting and sending little notes I wanted to create products I personally would love to send to my best friends as a little self-kindness reminder.

Our Mission

A huge part of Millie’s organics and the community we continue to build is about giving back and I will be forever grateful to all the people who helped me in my time of need because it truly made a difference.

I am incredibly proud to work with and support amazing charities and communities that help change women's lives. Every year we aim to ‘gift forward’ 100 products as little self-kindness reminder to say ‘you are never alone’.

Our ingredients

I don't want you to worry, I remember searching for products thinking 'is what I'm buying tested on animals, is it full of unnecessary chemicals, is the packaging recyclable'? I've spent hours making sure each item is

  • 80-100% certified organic and natural ingredients
  • Our packaging is reusable, recyclable and biodegradable.
  • Sustainable and environmentally positive.
  • Handmade completely off the grid with the support of solar.   

While never compromising my commitment to having a positive impact on our beautiful planet. I will continue to keep these top of my priority.

Our community

You are now part of our community, the heartbeat to Millie's Organics. I love talking to you, listening to what's important to you and how we can create products that mean something to you. I do a little happy dance every time you share with me pictures and videos of you enjoying your Millie's products.

How we give back

We love to gift, Millie's started because I reached out for help and I was lucky enough that there were organisations out there to help myself and my loved ones when we needed it the most. I am forever grateful and will always want to gift back.  Our chosen charity is Mind that every month we donate and gift back to other individuals and families that need it.

Our Team

We are small but mighty, and our lovely team members want to help. We love to listen so if you need help choosing the right products or you or have a question drop us an email or jump on our live chat.

Your support so far has brought us this far, and I cannot thank you enough.