Millie's Organics and the gifting experience I wanted to create was inspired by two of my best friends.

Bestie no1- Was studying, planning her wedding AND working full time as a teacher.

Bestie no2- Had just had a baby as well as a 4 year old, juggling a million things.

These ladies are serious superwomen they were doing everything for their loved ones and careers.  They were having sleepless nights and anxious and all I wanted to do was send them something that would be a little self-kindness reminder for them. 

Do you have someone you want to say 'I hope you are taking care of you?'

Have you had moments where you want to be able to give someone a hug even though you are miles away?

Do you just want to send them something that's specific for them maybe to help them relax, sleep or less anxious because you know that they worry about everyone else but rarely think about themselves?

I did

I wanted to send something that was specific to my best friends, that suited them right down to the way it was wrapped and the note I put inside.  I wanted them to know I was thinking of them.

I've realised over time gifting doesn't have to happen because it's Christmas or a birthday. Sometimes it's the little gifts out of the blue that holds care and thought that means the most.⁠

Thank you Becs & Nic for inspiring me to follow my dreams x

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