As if jumping in the bath couldn't get any more relaxing here are my top 5 bath products to help you unwind and create your own little relaxing spa.


There are so many gorgeous things you can add to your bathroom space to really enhance that just walked into a spa feel.

Candles - That gorgeous flickering light and gentle release of essential oils can make all the difference when you are trying to create a spa atmosphere.

The bath tray - This means you never have to get out of the bath because you have forgot something or you have had to rest it on something next tot he bath!  It can hold your wine, candles, skin treatments, snacks without you having to even sit up in the bath lol.

What to put in the bath

Millie's Organics Shower and Bath Oil which is, of course, one of my personal favourites because not only is the essential oil blend designed to help you relax and sleep better the apricot kernel oil and sweet almond oil is fabulous for nourishing dry skin.

Maximise that relaxation time

Face masks - This is one of my favourite little extras to do whilst I'm in the bath.  Whilst your pores are open why not give your skin a gorgeous treat.

Hair treatments - If I have a new colour or I've been out in extreme weathers I love using leave-in hair treatments.  To be honest I often leave it overnight and wash it out in the morning.

These little extras should have you floating out of your bathroom feeling warm, cosy and ready for a great nights sleep.

What's your favourite products to use in the bath? 

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