I find herbal teas can be really hit and miss and you often have to kiss a few frogs before you find something you really like the taste of.  Recently I've been trying more D.I.Y tea blends to help me sleep. Even though I love herbal teas I wanted something that had more of a hug feel (like a hot chocolate).

Well, I think I've found one and believe me when I say a little of this blend will go a long way. You could even make some for you and have enough left over to give to someone else as 'Sleepy Tea' gift.⁠

Sleepy Tea Recipe

  • 10 tbsp Chamomile⁠
  • 10 tsp Rooibos tea⁠
  • 5-10 tsp Peppermint leaves (depends on how minty you like your tea)⁠

Place it all into a jar and give it a good shake to mix everything together and use 1 tsp of your blend in a cup of hot water.⁠

To turn it into a hug just add 1 drop of Vanilla essence (per cup)and top up with warmed almond milk or any other milk alternative.

I would love to know what’s your favourite herbal tea?⁠

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