Creating and maintaining morning rituals are more important than ever right now.

I'm also aware life feels daily, even more, consuming with not only working from home, homeschooling and generally living on top of each other.

Life in our household had to completely change and wow I found the 'new now' very hard to adjust to.  I was weeks away from both my kids being in nursery three days a week and getting ready to launch Millie's Organics. 

Firstly it's ok to think 'What the heck and I going to do now' I know I did.  It's ok to have good and bad days.  It's ok to feel every emotion under the sun.  If you have anxiety like me the 'unknown' can often be a trigger for me to spiral into sleepless nights.  I know there were a few things I need for me to be able to be present and let's be honest sometimes just deep breathe my way through the day.


Firstly be consistent but if you need to be a little flexible don't be hard on yourself kids make it hard to schedule but don't use it as a reason for it not to happen.  Your loved ones need you to have this time as much as you do.

Decide on what's important to you, choose things that help you take care of you physically, mentally and emotionally. For example, do you need to stretch and release tension?  Do you need to deep breathe because you feel like your holding your breath?  Do you need to take a shower and re-energise? Do you need to eat a good breakfast to help stop the sugar and coffee emotional rollercoaster? 

Be realistic with the expectations of your morning ritual.  I used to try and cram too much in or see what others were doing and then I would start my day off feeling like I've failed.  Instead, find what works for you and let's be honest no one knows what each day is going to bring.  Last week I had the kids nail polish my car, then my daughter sudocreamed the dining room table and chairs, on another day the bunny AND goats escaped and finally to top it off my husband got rushed into emergency surgery at the end of the week.  Life is NOT predictable lol.


  • Wake up and grab a coffee, I always sit by the window and take a few deep breaths.  Those few moments of silence are precious.
  • I usually turn on my aroma diffuser with my 'Wake up and glow' citrus blend because it helps me wake up.  Then if the kids do wake up I still have something nice for me on in the background.
  • I would love to listen to podcasts and be creative in my morning ritual but with two little ones under five and a farm I'm not quite there. However, I do plan my day the night before including emails, people to contact, goals for the day and then revisit it when I wake up. I focus on 3 activities to achieve big and small if I complete any more is a bonus!
  • Side note: As I'm planning my day I also clear my phone of notifications so when the kids do wake up I'm not distracted/stressing and I can be present for their breakfast and morning routine.
  • I go feed the animals with the kids and then head back for breakfast.  

You deserve this time I would love to know what's going to be the first thing you do in your new morning routine?

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