Using essential oils to a turn for me when I went from buying ready-made blends or following the 90's trend of everything ylang-ylang or frankincense (anyone else remembers those days) and finally looking into what oils would 'help me feel more relaxed, or energised'.

I also found as I listened to my body it actually craved certain smells and tastes. In the darkest of days during my PND I honestly craved the smell of oranges!  Turns out citrus is a great mood lifter.  

Using the right oils is only part of working through PND, depression and anxiety but it's a great natural method that you can easily incorporate into your day.

Geranium is a fabulous oil and it smells so sweet and floral.  Here are some of the amazing things it can help support.

  • Reduce stress and tension
  • Help with anxiety, depression and fatigue
  • Help you relax it actually acts like a very gentle sedative and can help you drift off or back to sleep
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties
  • It's often used to help soothe symptoms of menopause and the highs and lows of monthly hormones and PMT.

When I'm feeling restless or hormonal I literally pillow mist EVERYTHING (including husband and children lol) to help me ease off to sleep.

Speak soon

Jaxs x

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