"Build Yourself Up Before You Build Others Up!"

Why I live by this!

Do you feel like you are always helpings others and you have nothing left for yourself? 

That was me Mrs Fixer Upper if someone needed something or help I wanted to fix it.

The more broken someone was, the more I wanted to help and that wasn’t just my friends that was anyone!

It didn’t matter if it was mental, physical or emotional I never took a moment to consider if it would affect me physically, mentally or emotionally.

It left me exhausted…..

I realised I was forgetting to deal with my own health and problems and to build myself up when I needed it the most. Even though I smiled on the outside and everything looked all hunky-dory it wasn’t. 

Now, this can be an unhealthy path to go down, being there for the ones you love doesn’t mean you should neglect your own needs.  You have to work on yourself before you can help others.  don’t get me wrong there is NOTHING wrong with being there for your friends in shining armour BUT you can’t fix their problems before you fix your own. 

Never forget your mental wellness is a key priority. 

Tip 1

So … First up it’s ok to be selfish and take time out for you, follow those passions, dreams and hobbies in life because if you don’t get the ball rolling, no one is going to do it for you. 

Tip 2
Take time for some R&R whether, that’s light a candle, put a face mask on … wait for it product yet Millies Organic Rescue Balm (I'm a sucker for anything that smells fruity - so you can guess which one I like). This is really important as this helps you to avoid burning out. 

Tip 3
I always have a self reflect moment every day! What has always helped me is keeping a journal of my feelings, a little ode to myself.  Well done Francesa you got through your to-do list, you managed to challenge yourself today and if you didn’t get what you wanted today done its OK! REPEAT its OK.  

Let it go and don’t BEAT yourself up about it... 

Tip 4
My last tip is uber important how we fuel our bodies. Feeding our bodies with the right nutrients is key. In everything, there is always a balance, nothing wrong with chowing down on your favourite snack but everything is in moderation. Nutrition is not only important physically but mentally - the more variety we have in our diets the more it helps to uplift our mood. My daily routine is to see how many colours I can get on the plate throughout the day for my family. 

I promise you, you will never go wrong if you help and take care of yourself before you help others. 

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