3 ways to use your Rescue Balm

Have I ever told you how much I love this product?  Not only is it my baby (my first ever products I formulated), it's the most used product in our house AND it has saved mine, my husbands and my kid's hands, faces and lips on many occasions.

This little pot of goodness will help soothe your skin by helping it feel supple and less likely to split,  It also puts a gorgeous layer on top of your skin to act as a barrier to protect you from the wind and rain.

no 1 Chapped noses, cheeks and lips.

True story my little boy came home one day in December from nursery after playing outside with a typical December runny nose. His little cheeks were chapped so after giving him a bath I slathered Rescue Balm all over his cheeks that night, the following day and night.  48 hours later the sore, chapped skin was gone. 

no 2 Lip, Brows and cuticles

This is my standard school run routine lol

no 3 Those dry patches on feet, knees, elbows

You can use it day and night.  I often like to put a little thicker layer on and use it as an overnight mask.  You will feel your skin soften and then the protective layer helps to lock those lovely oils and natural butters in.

How do you use your Rescue Balm?

Jaxs x

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