Anxiety, stress combined with homeschooling, keeping a home, working from home! Rest can seem so far away, no baths alone (my kids sit talking to me in the shower, doing the washing, writing emails.  There is NO alone time lol.

There has to be a release and an off switch so I started to look at other ways I can take the pressure off and stop filling my time.

Give yourself permission to NOT be helpful - Always saying yes or offering to help can be exhausting it's ok to sometimes not to.⁠

Do something unproductive - I'm always trying to get through my todo list. When I'm anxious, keeping busy is my way of not allowing overwhelm to consume me.  But let's face it keeping busy 24/7 is exhausting instead you can do things that fill you up and relax instead of drain you.  I found drawing, painting, home crafts, baking all help me relax and I had something lovely to share at the end of it. 

Take a break from responsibility - The house won't fall down, the family won't go hungry, work will still be there even if you do take a few hours, an evening or even a day off.  Some days it's ok not to adult.⁠

What's your favourite way to be unproductive?

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